Our Ministry teams work both in and outside of the church with membership participation for the express purposes of community engagement. This important work involves social engagement and developing a strong relational presence to prepare the ground work for soul winning.

God’s work is performed by those who are both willing to serve and called ‘the church is committed to the foregoing principles of the spiritual unity of Christ’s church. By the peace and power which Christ’s righteousness brings, the church pledges to conquer every barrier that sin has erected between human beings” (SDA Church Manual, p23, last para) Our Ministries must always uphold the important work they are assigned to do, work transparently, maintain biblical principles and dedicate time to ensuring His work is fully completed.


Personal ministries provides resources and trains members to unite their efforts with those of the pastor and officers in soul-winning service. It also has primary responsibility for programs assisting those in need as follows.

  • ADRA – Adventist Development Relief Agency: Supporting both International and Local activities.
  • Budgeting courses – Outreach in community
  • Bible studies Ministry – Open to everyone, primarily for Newcomers
  • Evangelistic seminars
  • Health Ministries - Cooking in Communities: 12 week program
  • Health Ministries - Dynamic Living for Women program
  • Monthly Catch up visits luncheons, engaging our church family
  • Visitations to Hospitals, Rest homes and Homes for both members and ex-members
  • Literature Evangelists – distributions of Health and Spiritual literature


Women's ministries upholds, encourages, and challenges women in their daily walk as disciples of Jesus Christ and as members of His church. Their objectives are to:

  • foster spiritual growth and renewal;
  • affirm that women are of immeasurable worth by virtue of their creation and redemption, equip them for service, and offer women’s perspectives on church issues;
  • minister to the broad spectrum of women’s needs, with regard for multicultural and multi-ethnic perspectives; cooperate with other departments to facilitate ministry to women and of women;
  • build good will among women to encourage mutual support and creative exchange of ideas; mentor and encourage women and create paths for their involvement in the church;
  • and find ways and means to challenge each woman to use her gifts to further global mission;
  • home/hospital visitations and follow up telephone calls to absent church members ;
  • working with Middlemore Hospital on a knitting drive for babies clothing;
  • working through community centres connecting with the Muslim communities through adult & baby clothing drives;
  • supporting other Ministries in their outreaches.


AdSAFE (Previously known as Safe Places) are an organization that works to keep our children safe and ensures that Church Policy protocols are implemented and monitored. Safer Environments for Children and Young People” upholds the following practices;

  • Screening all staff and volunteers who work with children and young people. This includes careful inquiry being exercised during any nominating or appointment processes being followed by the church;
  • Promoting a Code of Conduct that all adults in church environments are expected to uphold. In addition, all staff and volunteers are required to adhere to the Code of Conduct when working with children and young people;
  • Reporting all disclosures, suspicions, and allegations of children at risk of harm or abuse to authorities such as the Police, Government Child Protection services, and to relevant Church authorities.
  • Implementing Safety Agreements with applicants who have a conviction or positive finding for an offence of a sexual, pornographic, or violent nature against a child or young person.
  • Training Board members and key leaders who work with children and young people, using a range of programs produced by (i) Safe Place Services and; (ii) NZ Conference Safe Place Committee and Coordinator.

Adventist Youth Ministries (AYM)

The church works for and with its youth through the AYM. Under the AYM, youth are to work together, in cooperation with the wider church community, towards the development of a strong youth ministry that includes spiritual, mental, and physical development of each individual, Christian social interaction, and an active witnessing program that supports the general soul-winning plans of the church. The goal of AYM should be to involve all youth in activities that will lead them to active church membership and train them for Christian service.

The various youth organisations in the church work closely with the youth ministries department of our conference. These are the Adventurers Club, Pathfinder Club and Adventist Youth Service.


The Adventurer Club provides home and church programs for parents with 6- through 9-year-old children. It is designed to stimulate the children’s curiosity and includes age-specific activities that involve both parent and child in recreational activities, simple crafts, appreciation of God’s creation, and other activities that are of interest to that age. All are carried out with a spiritual focus, setting the stage for participation in the church as a Pathfinder.


The Pathfinder Club provides a church-centred outlet for the spirit of adventure and exploration found in junior youth (10 - 15 years). This includes carefully tailored activities in outdoor living, nature exploration, crafts, hobbies, or vocations beyond the possibilities in an average youth. In this setting spiritual emphasis is well received, and the Pathfinder Club has demonstrated its soul-winning influence.

Adventist Youth Society (AYS)

Under supervision, youth work together to develop a strong youth ministry that includes spiritual, mental, and physical development of each individual, Christian social interaction, and an active witnessing program that supports the general soul-winning plans of the church. The goal of AYS is to involve all youth in activities that will tie them closer to the church and train them for Christian service.


Seventh-day Adventists accept the Bible as the only source of our beliefs. We consider our movement to be the result of the Protestant conviction Sola Scriptura—the Bible as the only standard of faith and practice for Christians.

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